A new approach to data software


Choosing an information system is like choosing a house.

Existing software resembles a house built from a standard design. You may select paint colors but the room size or ceiling height cannot be changed. Custom built software is like a house built to suit. The architect designs each room, which requires time and expertise. Once the plans are complete, moving walls or raising the ceiling requires reworking the whole project. Changes are even more difficult after construction begins. Favordata™ is a new approach! It is a unique process that shapes a flexible structure into your dream home.

No detailed, approved blueprint is required. Just tell us how many people will live there and what they do. We shape the house and show it to them. If they need more rooms but fewer stories, we reshape the house. We can even move the rooms after everybody moves in!

The new house is also easy to live in; each person only sees the rooms and doors that they need. If some residents need a change, we reshape it accordingly while making sure those changes do not affect anyone else.