A new approach to data software

FavorData™ has the flexibility to match complex and unique businesses

A growing distributor of analytical equipment from a world leading manufacturer needed a new information management system.

The distributor’s success depends on:

  • Maintaining a database of existing and potential customer organizationsand their employees; managing mailing campaigns and event invitations
  • Tracking sales, including quotations, contracts, equipment configurations, and all actions taken by sales representatives
  • Placing orders with suppliers in several countries and currencies
  • Managing logistics, such as customs clearance
  • Tracking equipment installation
  • Cataloging warehousing and spare parts, customer consultations, and engineer visits
  • Maintaining equipment certification
  • Tracking internal development and production

Off-the-shelf software required the Distributor to change its proven business processes, which it could not afford to do. Custom software developers wanted fully documented requirements before starting work, but the company could not commit the necessary time and resources before seeing even a preliminary result.

The flexibility of the Favordata™ data structure and the staged approach to implementation proved an ideal match to the customer's needs. Only FavorData could adapt to accommodate each of the unique processes exactly as the customer required and produce interim stages to ensure development is proceeding as expected.