A new approach to data software


Improve and expand without disruption#

A leading water utility required an information system to provide its production staff and management with timely information on water quality. The utility serves a city of five million people across two thousand square miles and employs seven thousand people in ten business units.

The principal requirement of the utility’s new information management system was the ability to continuously expand and adapt, even though the specifics of the future were uncertain. The utility and its processes frequently change: business units are merged while others are created, the water quality assurance procedures improve regularly, and the sanitary and ecological requirements get stricter every year. Only FavorData™ could provide this high level of adaptability.

In addition, the system had to include data on water sources as well as processed drinking water and sewage water, which the utility processes. The system had to connect analytical instruments and workstations that were miles apart at more than fifteen sites. It had to allow the utility to exchange data with regulatory entities and subcontractors and notify them quickly if water quality deviated from mandated sanitary, and ecological levels. In addition, the system had to produce periodic and long-term statistical reports with diagrams and geographical maps.

And the utility needed the system launched in production as soon as possible.

The initial FavorData™ system was implemented within three months. Since then, it has been repeatedly adapted and extended to include additional data processes, add new functionality to existing capabilities, reflect changes in the organization, and incorporate the suggestions of individual users. The utility presented its FavorData™ software at a water industry exhibition as one of its most important achievements in two years.