A new approach to data software

Establish requirements in stages

A leading analytical laboratory center was implementing new business processes to meet the growing needs of its largest customer. The center includes biology, radioactivity, and chemical laboratories which analyze air, soil, water, and biological samples. It does routine monitoring in 700 locations and employs nearly 200 people.

Research orders and results now had to be transmitted with the customer electronically, but the exact definition of how to code the data was not complete. Work volume had to be doubled with only a twenty percent increase in staff and capital expense.

The laboratories could not begin working toward these goals without a functioning information system. Yet until the new business processes were established, the software could not be fully specified.

Favordata™ staged launch process solved this “chicken-and-egg” problem:

  • We first shaped, tested, and launched the base system, which supported only the most important work procedures. The laboratories started their work and began defining their internal procedures and personnel duties, while electronic data formats were developed with the customer.
  • Once the legal and technical details were finalized with the customer, we extended the system and the electronic exchange of orders and results was launched.
  • When the new internal processes, data approval procedures, and personnel duties were developed, we extended the system again, now with full access control and quality assurance, as specified by the center.

Only the unique FavorData™ shaping process allowed the specifications to expand by making these significant changes quickly, all without interrupting the work of the laboratories. The whole process was planned and completed in only four months.